Money Dashboard/Open Banking Support

I quite enjoy using the Money Dashboard which lets you integrate multiple bank accounts & credit cards into one online money management dashboard.

It would be nice if Tymit could integrate into this like American Express and other credit cards do.


This would be amazing. If there was open banking/an API available. Connecting with Emma would be my choice of aggregator though


If Open Banking was supported then all the apps would be able to connect. Emma/Cleo/Snoop/Yolt/MD and more.


+1 for Emma! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll take your comments back to our Product Team so that we can factor these features into our future road map :world_map:


Any prospect of this on the horizon?

I’d like an update too as I’ve never heard of the Money Dashboard app until I seen this, and it’s incredible! Would definitely love to have this added in the API.

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It’s also a great way to advertise, as the aggregator’s users hear about a newly connected company and are likely to check it out.

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Additional customers are all well & good but what has become apparent is support for existing users needs to improve, especially since Booster became a thing.

Yeah, every company should think carefully about the timing and it’s probably a bit early for Tymit. Chicken and egg though after a certain point

We really need real time in-app chats and not, relying on Zendesk to handle issues via tickets. It just doesn’t work reliably.

Ideally yes but there can be drawbacks to it if there aren’t more support agents. A lot of information is held here so reduces the direct support needs. It’s been acknowledged that the forum could easily be improved. Things like payment issues where customer reference isn’t known to new users and really should have been communicated by email at acceptance. Even if the app doesn’t show the details which has occurred multiple times users can still pay appropriately. Improved FAQ etc. Not to mention all of the “How do I etc” post where clearly they didn’t even bother to do a basic search on here, so raised support tickets, then posted here regardless! If live chat was available just imagine the amount of time potentially wasted, hindering genuine needs for help. As an Amex Cardmember live chat 24/7-365 is fantastic and they’re always willing & ready to assist no matter how trivial but they have the global resources!

Eerily enough, I asked about Money Dashboard and open banking stuff yesterday too. Nice to see it is being asked for.

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Welcome to the community John @jhackett

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Is this even under consideration?
Most mainstream credit cards have this now, so it’s becoming essential to compete. Adding Tymit transactions manually is a major limitation

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Yeh it means I don’t use Tymit anymore until they have an open banking API that connects to Snoop or Emma

It’s been a year and a half with no mention of it, so I wouldn’t hold your breath!