Monthly Bill incorrectly deducts payment of previous bill

Hi guys,

I’ve reached out to Tymit Support on this one but just wanted to get your feedback.

Essentially, I spent £29.39 in early September and then paid it off immediately with a bank transfer of the same amount. I received a notification to say the payment had gone through, checked the September bill, and the pending amount was set to 0, due on October 7th. Great!

However, this morning when I checked the app, I saw that I had entry of £29.39 as ‘September excess of payment’ that had been deducted from my October bill. This seems strange because surely the £29.39 has gone towards the September bill and should not be used as a deduction on the October bill.

You can see in the screenshots that both the September bill pending amount (0 of £29.39) and the October bill pending amount (78.02 of £107.41) are £29.39 less than the total balance for that month, but I have only paid that sum once, on the 11th September.

I don’t know if this is just a display issue or if the underlying payment system thinks I have paid in more than I have. My current hope is that support comes back with a fix or that it sorts itself out on October 7th (the September bill due date). But I don’t want to have any missed payment shenanigans should the £29.39 go to October and my September bill go ‘unpaid’.

Has anyone else experienced this / knows what is going on here? Thanks!

Check it again tomorrow, that seems completely standard and shows as sorted by the 2nd of the month in my experience…

I have a similar issue which first appeared with my September payment. At first, it registered as an October bill payment instead of September. When this was fixed £100+ was added to my next three payments.
As an example, I’ve now paid my October bill but the app shows that I still owe money for the month of October. A similar amount has been added on top of my November and December payments. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this issue? Reported it at the start of the month but it’s yet to be fixed which is quite frustrating seeing as it essentially limits the credit line by £300+.

So essentially you’re using it as if it were a Debit Card then making a single payment? Also, any transactions made before the 26th of the month are applied to the upcoming bill, any after that are applied to the following month bill. Could that be part of it? You’re using it for lots of small transactions which are crossing that 26th/27th of the month point? Just a thought. I only use for larger transactions, smaller ones I let the banks do all the leg work!

I mainly use it for larger payments and not smaller ones in general but always make a single payment at the end of the month. All transactions add up to the payment made and the £120 is additional money which I cannot trace to any transaction or fee. The issue occurred when I paid my September bill and it initially registered as the October bill payment. When this issue was fixed, it added a £100+ to my upcoming three monthly payments, possibly because this was the value of the October bill at the time (not that it makes any sense).