Monthly Bill Payment

I am trying to pay my first Tymit Bill.
I have the Sort Code and Account Number that I have to pay into from the Tymit App, however when I tap it into my current account bank website to make the transfer, it comes up with what appears to be a non-related Bank and Branch name at an address that I do not know if is related to Tymit, because there is no Tymit address on your web-site.
I am just trying to make sure that I am doing the right thing and I would be grateful if someone could confirm that I am going about it in the right way!
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Hi @EleonoraFleming welcome to the community! The address is 5 Merchant Square in London.

Tymit’s account doesn’t validate with Confirmation of Payee so you may see reference to Transact payments on Bayside Road in Gibraltar.

If you are getting the details from the app, it should be ok.


Not so sure!
The ddress was clearly not Gibralrar this morning when I checked.
I will check again as soon as I am able to this afternoon as I have a bill due today.
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The address definitely reads 1 Hammersmith Broadway!

Do you have a number I can call you on?

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You are probably best speaking to your bank or confirming the details with another user here. I am a user myself so not a member of Tymit staff.

Is the name confirmed? Could you maybe send ÂŁ1 to the account to see the bill payment and then send the rest if it shows?

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Good idea! I will do that!
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PS Thanks again for the suggestion, I transferred and it worked!


That’s brilliant Eleonora :raised_hands:

Does anyone have a contact number or email address for Tymit? I just made a payment which does not seem to go through.

You can email Tymit on - The telephone number is for Lost & Stolen only.

Do you mean the payment was not successful or It didn’t show on the app? If it is not showing in the App, did your available credit update?

The email address is

Thanks for the email address!

Hello, I am not quite sure what happened, but it appears to be fine now! All updated and in order, maybe there was just a delay!

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That’s good it’s sorted!

Sometimes on bill payment day the app can take a while to update the available credit.

My payment went through this morning but the available credit has still not updated yet. This is completely normal and usually updates by the end of the day.