My application status


I applied for a card two days ago and it said I had been approved for the Booster card.

I accepted the offer, uploaded my ID etc and then the app told me on the final stage I needed to wait for manual checks.

I seem to have a different screen though to everyone else and so far my email to Tymit support hasn’t been responded to so I am a little worried maybe my application has got jammed or such.

The message I get is -

Some checks couldn’t be done automatically so we’ll have to manually review your applicaion.

No other details like any email address for Tymit like on other status pages like this.

Any idea what to do?

Hi, Another user had the exact same yesterday but it went through this morning, They are just taking a bit longer due to high demand.

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It’s nothing to be worried or concerned about, the same message appeared for me.

I filled out the application late evening on the 18th, accepted the booster card offer and then and was up and running by the next morning.

Just keep an eye on the app and you’ll see your application outcome there in due course :slight_smile: .


I completely get that, just my partner also applied at the same time and their checks have been completed and mine was done 10 minutes before and I’m still stuck on this page :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Hoping someone replies to my email today or my application is processed.

All resolved now.

Thank you to all that replied!


No problem, I’m glad it’s all resolved now.

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