My Booster ideas

It would be great if tymit Boaster report to all the 3 cra or at least two as this product was design to help improve credit history.

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Hi @Olatunde1 - This was discussed here with mixed thoughts.

Out of interest, have you used any other credit building services like Loqbox?

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Loqbox, Yes I do it awesome @jase
I hope tymit takes customers like me feedback serious it very important as Tymit has big potential they could easily pull 5 million customer in a year just by that alone.


Tymit do take feedback very seriously and have asked for volunteers willing to contribute feedback when asked so hopefully you sign up to that :slight_smile:

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Team Tymit, please, please consider this

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Hello all!

This message accelerated things we last week we started the ball rolling on reporting to Transunion first. This requires some changes on our end but we hope to have positive news soon. And once this is done we will then report to Equifax so we have coverage of all 3.

We appreciate the feedback <3

If there’s any questions please do let me know and I will try my best to answer them!



That’s amazing news @Alastair-PM - Usually they will accept the same format give or take a few amendments so hopefully not too much work to switch CAIS reporting to work for SHARE.

This is a good news as this will boast tymit brand however it is until it fully launched and implemented hopefully before the end of this year. I reserve my praises.

Great! That’s great news.

Thank you very much!

Frankly, I’m never sure how good an idea it is to report to credit agencies. I see them as a dangerous intrusion into personal information, but folk on here seem to like them. Please tell me why? Thank you.