Need to prove debt being resettled


I am currently in the process of applying for a mortgage. When the application was submitted, I had an outstanding balance on Tymit. I was unaware you can’t get statements in a straightforward way from the app and have to request one via customer support.

I have repaid my oustanding balance but require proof of this for the mortgage lender. Tymit customer service tells me I cannot get the current month’s statement until the balance is officially due (even though I have repaid in full already and now have £0 oustanding balance) on March 7th.

Is anyone aware of a way for me to get evidence of the debt being settled any sooner? (Including balance and the provider’s name - Tymit) Could I close my account and request one…?


Only thing I can think of is screenshots saying you owe £0.00 but not sure if that would be acceptable for the lender, It’s not really a legal document after all.

I don’t think closing the account will get you a statement for this month any sooner either but may be wrong.

We have been calling for downloadable statements for the past year and this only serves as further proof of the importance of them.

I hope you manage to get it sorted out.

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