Needing to reverify my ID? / Credit Limit disappeared?!

I’ve been a Tymit customer for the last few months and the experience has been really good.

When I first joined Tymit, I received a message asking to upload some photo ID which I did and everything was promptly sorted.

Earlier this week, when I logged into my app there was a message asking to upload ID (again?), which I did and it said it would be up to 3 working days for this to be sorted. This message has now disappeared but my limit has been reduced all the way down to £100 (btw it’s a booster type account) and it says I’ve spent 2060% of my credit limit - obviously this must be a mistake!!

I’ve message the CS team through the app a few days ago and I’ve received no response, from reading reviews from other users, having a slow reply time is nothing new but this issue is extremely worrying.

Hi @gareth, and welcome to the community. As this is a community forum we are unable to assist with your account issue, however a few more details might be able to help others who might have a similar issue in the future.

You say you’ve had Tymit for a while, and that it is a booster account, which means your limit is determined by the amount you have deposited, so unless you have transferred out the original money deposited, your credit limit should not change. I can’t explain the request for ID a second time, as once the account has been opened there should be no need to require ID again (to my knowledge).

I don’t have a booster account so can’t advise how to check what your deposit amount currently is, but if you are the only one who has access and you haven’t taken out funds, then it is a bit worrying. Hope you do eventually get it sorted.

PEPs and Sanctions checks are run at least yearly with some card providers requiring this to be monthly.

It could be you’ve triggered on the list and the ID would help verify if you are the sanctioned person or not. You’d certainly know if you were a PEP or sanctioned person I would imagine, so if it is this reason, it should be cleared up soon.

There’s a song of a political in the US who shares my name and it’s so frustrating when it triggers.