New and Old PIN Problems

I received my card and changed the pin to something I would remember. I used it in an ATM with the new PIN and it was fine. I used it in a shop and the PIN was incorrect. I tried again and then thought to try the PIN the card came with but I remembered it incorrectly and my card is now locked. Why would my new PIN work fine in one situation but not another? I have emailed Tymit and am waiting for a response.

This is strange behaviour. I would only expect to see this in the reverse.

What happens when you change you PIN is that you use this PIN at a cash machine or POS and the chip is then updated with the new PIN.

It seems maybe the chip wasn’t updated in this process so when you then went to use it in a POS, it required the old PIN.

Some POS systems only allow offline authorisation (payments are collected and then processed later).

Interesting to know what Tymit say when they respond to you :slight_smile:

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I have had the same problem. Emailed support and I am still waiting on a reply. Did you get your card sorted?