New Applicant waiting for response

Hi, My name is Balu Sasidharan Nair. Day before yesterday, I tried to check my eligibility and this tymit says, you are eligible. Then I installed the app from App Store and then I uploaded my front page passport and Send my Selfie picture. Then I submitted. But till now , I didn’t get any response from the team. Please please help me to sort this out.

If it says they are reviewing your application mine took up to 7 days. You will be notified by email when they have a response.

Log into the app and see if it says anything else.

Thank you so much and can you please tell me what’s the credit limit, I just searched and it’s shows for long term it’s 500£ to 15000£ and for a month upto 5000£

The credit limit is determined when your application is successfull. So you will know what your individual credit limit is when you have been accepted :slight_smile:

Whilst i am not sure if you can apply for a credit limit i do know that they always monitor your account and may also offer you a increase in the future.

Thank you and If you don’t mind, can you please tell me how much is your credit limit? From your first month ?

I’m not going to tell you what my credit limit was it is concerning how desperate you seem for access to a lot of money though.

My best suggestion right now is to just wait it out & find out when your application is approved.