New card arrival...NOT

I have read on here that all new cards have now been dispatched. I have still not received mine. The app has the temporary card available to use, but I have yet to get the physical card. Are other people still waiting?

Hey @Kirkie1

There’s a post located here where people discussing receiving the new cards.

Perhaps it’s worth reaching out to support if it’s been a while?

Hi, I have read that topic, but it has been hijacked with “card not working” posts. But thanks for the info.

Hopefully yours is just delayed and will be with you soon :crossed_fingers:

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Am still waiting for my new card too, hopefully it will be here soon.

I’ll give it a little bit longer, and then contact Tymit for an update

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If it’s been more than 14 days it’s probably worth considering as lost in the post. Royal Mail would after more than 14 days.