New card arrived but cannot be activated

I received home the physical credit card but really i cannot activate it. I selected the message on home page, it opened it but when i inserted the last 4 digits of the new card, its not accepted. What is needed to do?

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Raise a ticket to Support via the Account / Help / Support section…

Hi @Istrate, sorry you’re having trouble with activating your card.
If you contact or use the in-app chat, our team will be able to help you

I had the same issue - Tymit recently switched card processors but their old provider is still sending out physical cards (which won’t work) for “reasons”.

If the card number starts 4810 and says at the bottom “Card issued by Transact Payments”, then get in touch with support as you’ve got a new card. If you’ve got a card which says “Card issued by Wirecard” - then that’s the old supplier and you’ve just got to wait for the new one to send out their cards (my impression is that they are backlogged by 1-2 weeks at the moment).

Im waiting the new card
Thanks guys

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