New card design?

Will there be a new card design to match the new look?

Oh yeah! definately!


Obviously, any new card design will have to include the new logo.

Have to say though, the new logo does nothing for me.

The stylised rectangles more or less represent a capital T, but then the name ‘tymit’ is all lowercase. That seems clumsy to me. Then there’s no nod the account’s main feature - splitting purchases in to 3, interest free.

With no allusion to the number 3 in the logo, I wonder if this is a clue to future product shifts…

Tymit could start by changing the virtual design on Apple/Google Pay, certainly a low cost way of getting feedback before taking the physical plunge?

hi @Gazzyb, I assume that this will be changed once the new card design is confirmed and ready to go :blush: