New Card - Dollars or Pounds?

I have just received my new Tymit card. I have added it to my Curve account, as was the case with the old card. This time I was concerned to receive a message from Curve to say that the Tymit card was in dollars. When I tried to change it to pounds I received a warning that this may incur exchange charges from dollars to pounds. I had expected that the new card would be in pounds as was the previous one.
I would be grateful for clarification as I don’t want to find that I incur transaction charges when I use Tymit . Thank you.

Hi @Tymitlike, thanks so much for your post :+1:

Hopefully we can straighten this out here for any other community members who might get the same message…

I can 100% confirm that the Tymit Card’s main currency is GBP :pound: and that Tymit’s Bank Idenification Number (BIN) is a UK Credit BIN :uk:

We’ve gotten in touch with the team at Curve to find out why they’re defaulting to US dollars and they’re working on fixing it. It might help if you reach out to them as a customer too!

But I want to make sure we’re totally clear: you won’t be charged any additional fees or transaction charges for using Tymit in the UK - because it’s a GBP card.

Thanks again for sharing :pray:

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Thank you for the prompt response and reassurance.

I have also contacted Curve to ask for an explanation.

Kind regards

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This can often happen with new BIN issuance and is a little sloppy on Curves side for not checking BIN sponsorship data often perhaps.

I have messaged them too so hopefully will hurry them up :wink: I did just add this as USD however to get it in there.

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Is this why Apple is saying this isn’t a UK card?

Possibly @Stephen - Especially where BIN sponsorship or card issuer has changed. Give it time and it should be fine soon enough.

Good afternoon

Thank you for your positive reassurance. However, I have taken this matter up with Curve, and this is their response. It appears that the problem lay with the Tymit card and NOT Curve as you suggest. I would be grateful if this could be clarified.

I have used my new Tymit card twice since it arrived and each time it was rejected the first time and accepted the second time. I am therefore wondering if the problem was changing the card from dollars to pounds on Curve?

This is the reply from Curve; it appears that the BIN number is a US one. I hope this will not mean another mass change of new cards! I will not be using my Tymit card again until this issue is resolved.

“We have looked at this and have checked your BIN and it shows that 481045 is issued from the US. So that they can update this information you will need to speak to the issuer directly as we can’t change the country of issue manually.

Let us know how you get on”

This was the reply from Curve the BIN issue

“We have looked at this and have checked your BIN and it shows that 481045 is issued from the US. So that they can update this information you will need to speak to the issuer directly as we can’t change the country of issue manually.

Let us know how you get on”

Thanks for the update @Tymitlike!
I’m going to check in with the team here and come back to you ASAP!

Hey @Tymitlike, I have an update about this issue for you.

And sorry about the long reply - I just want to make sure it’s as clear as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Tymit’s BIN is a UK BIN issued in GBP

This is how it’s been set up with VISA, and that’s how it’s configured in VISA networks and with acquirers.

Acquirers get their BIN lists directly from VISA.

That’s why when you use your Tymit Credit VISA anywhere in the UK or online it’s recognised as a UK GBP BIN.

Some unofficial sites collect and provide info on BINs.

These sites don’t necessarily have the most up to date information from the official BIN lists. And it can take a while for them to be updated because they might rely on secondary channels for their information.

We’ve been in contact with Curve.

They’re getting their BIN info from one of these :point_up: providers. And we’ve already had that provider update their own database to reflect that Tymit’s BIN is a GBP BIN. The issue is that these changes are yet to show up in Curve’s internal systems. The team are chasing it up with them again as I write.

You 100% won’t be charged any extra fees over this.

Firstly, because Tymit doesn’t charge any foreign transaction or conversion fees anyway - you could go use your card anywhere in the world and that’d still be the case. And, most importantly, because there won’t be a conversion to begin with. For all of the reasons mentioned above.

You can run a test to be sure Tymit is a GBP card.

You can test this by going to, for example, and setting up any non-GBP card as a payment method. Amazon will ask you which currency you want to use, but in the case of Tymit, Amazon recognises it as a GBP card.

I hope this explains it clearly enough and addresses the concerns you have.

The main thing I want you to take away from this is that you won’t be charged anything extra for using the card. That’s guaranteed.

As I mentioned, our team are chasing this up with Curve to see if they can speed up the process of updating their systems, so hopefully it’ll be sorted pretty quickly.

If you have any other questions at all, just let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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I added my card to Curve and just changed my currency on it from USD to GBP. This just tells Curve what to re-charge to the card so it’s all good.

They have an offer on currently that if you spend £100 with Amazon, they will give you £10 in credit. So I charged this with Tymit and split over 3 months and now have a tonne of credit already have spent ha ha.

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Another quick update on this.

We’ve heard that if the card has been set to USD when you added it to Curve, the way their system is set up means you’ll have to change it manually in the app yourself.

This is just doing exactly what @jase has already suggested :point_up_2:

Open the app, head to Card Information for your Tymit card and change the currency to GBP, like in the screenshot below :point_down:

Hope this helps.

Get in touch if you have any more questions.

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Actually it didn’t help, and is not new! :joy: This is obvious, and I did that as soon as I received the card, which triggered off the ‘conversion charge’ and my original message, which I am still concerned about! Maybe check my first message? Thanks

Hi @Tymitlike, so sorry for the mix up on my part. Hopefully the explanation of why you got that message from Curve still helped to clear things up a bit :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you’ve already taken the step of changing the currency setting in the app, all I can do while we wait for Curve to update their internal systems is reassure you that you definitely won’t be charged any conversion fees.

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The Curve charge is only a pending authorisation, so will clear off soon anyway.

Mine had already gone :slight_smile:

Then it’s like it never happened.

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