New customer enquiry about statements and amount needed to be payed

Hi new customer relative low credit limit compared to my usual limits but my query is about the statement amount

so i’ve bought from amazon using my tymit card and placed those items on the pay in 3 plan at 0% it tells me the first payment is to be made by early feb although i’ve yet to get a statement ?

is this taken by direct debit which i’ve already set up and had confirmed via email or do i need to do a manual payment ?

I’m really confused it’s a long time I have the card but never used because I really don’t know how can I use it please help me if you know how does it work I’ll appreciate it I need help immediately just someone explain for me how can I use and get help from this card I called them many times or send them messages emails but no answer up to now. Please help me
Thank you

after reading your reply i’ll probably just pay manually rather than let the DD take it it does seem alittle strange not to get statements but its not a problem.

thanks for reply

Hi @gadget welcome to the community.

I feel you have been misinformed and I do use direct debit so thought I would clear a few things up for you that may make a difference.

Firstly Tymit do statement however you need to request them manually they are not sent automatically, With all the info in app I find I don’t need them anyway.

Secondly if you have set up direct debit you will be kept well informed by email about the date it’s going to be taken and the amount.

I get two separate emails at the end of the month, the first advising me of the date payment will be taken along with a reminder that I can still change payment plans for purchases up until the last day of the month if I need to adjust the payment.

A second email when the bill has closed confirming the final bill amount and the total that will be taken. This information is also clearly displayed in app.

The bill closes on the 25th of each month (any purchases made after this do not become payable untill the following month’s bill) so if you buy something on February 26th for example you will not need to pay this until your March bill which will be payable around the 7th of April.

From the 25th of each month you can still replan any purchases to adjust your total for that month, After the last day of the month the bill finalises and no further adjustments can be made. The amount payable will then be taken on or around the 7th.

So just to clarify:

Statements - Yes but inconvenient having to request.

Only having a few days to pay - No idea why that was said as you get ample time and kept well informed.


i’ll see what happens after the 25th then

i have no problem making a manual payment its alittle inconvient especially as most other bills are payed via the DD method but its not that much a of problem.

I’ve opted to put it on a plan of 3 months at 0% its already told me what i need to pay by the 7th febuary but if i do make that payment manually lets say on the 1st feb does the DD payment not come out on the 7th or is it still taken.

thanks for your reply as soon as i’m used to the account probably in a month or so i won’t need to ask so many questions lol it is a bit different to the usual DD payments i use with other bills/credit cards

If you click on pay bill it should tell you that the direct debit is set up and will automatically be taken on the 7th you don’t need to do anything else.

You still have the option for manual payment but I’m not sure about paying it on the 1st as the bill will already be finalised and the direct debit might still come out as well.

I’ve never tried and just leave the DD but if I did pay manually I would do it well in advance of the bill finalising.

Don’t worry about questions that’s what we are all here for to help each other out :smiley:

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So if I buy something today I don’t need to pay for it until February 7th I wouldn’t say that was a pitiful few days.

If I buy something say 26th of January I don’t need to pay until March 7th again not a pitiful few days.

Sorry if I’ve picked something up wrong here but I’m really failing to see your point.

I guess it all depends on how close to the billing date you make a purchase on how long you get to pay.

Personally I would prefer not to wait 60 days to start paying off a debt. With Tymit you get up to around 41 days and that’s in line with my banks cc of up to 40 days and I don’t think that’s pitiful in my opinion.

As for the direct debit, I get email notifications around 14 days in advance of the payment coming out and again 7 days before. If Tymit fail to take payment then that is there problem to sort out and not mine.

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It’s important also to remember that other credit card providers both have large pockets AND most don’t give you 0% interest free for 3 months.

It’s a massive risk and cost to Tymit to provide capital requirements inline with regulation to hold the funds required. So I really understand that they take the direct debit on or around the 9th and expect it to be paid.

As @Billy said, if the payment issue is with Tymit or GoCardless, the failure to pay via Direct Debit on the due date isn’t your concern no matter how close it is to the due date that it becomes apparent.

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These issues all come down to funding. Tymit’s low credit limits too. It’s why there just aren’t any standout fintech credit cards yet. It’s very hard to compete against the incumbents!


Actually It’s a long time I have tymit card but never sent me pin code so I can’t use it and except it I completely don’t know how can I use it? How can I get money help? Is it like credit card? Does it have fund or loan help?
How it’s working? How many times that I call them never answered me and how many times that I sending email there’s no reply or answer my email I really don’t know how can I use it and get money help?!!! Without pin code and nobody not answer and help me.does it working for online shopping or not? Please please please help me and explain everything that you know about it. I will appreciate
Thank you so much :pray:

Tymit don’t send you a pin code (you can find it in the app) by clicking the card icon then click show pin.

It is a credit card and you use it as such for shop and online purchases, Pay using the card then select a payment plan or just pay the full balance when the monthly bill is due.

If I could also suggest you edit your post and remove your email address. This forum is available for anyone to view on the internet and by posting your email you are opening yourself up to spammers.

Thank you to sending this email to me
My app has problems too I don’t know why I couldn’t find card icon and even when you want to shopping online you don’t need PIN number but it’s not acceptable and no working online too so I’m really confused :woman_shrugging:
Sorry again thank you for your email
Thank you so much :pray::rose:

Do you have the standard Tymit account or a Tymit booster account?

It’s possible you have not activated your card for use yet. You will need to activate the card regardless which account type you have before you can use it.

In addition if you have a booster account you would need to fund it first with your security deposit.before you can use it.

Please advise which account type you have or alternatively contact as they will know what account type you have and what action you need to take to get it up and running.