Newly activated replacement card not working

I damaged my card and requested a replacement in app, the new one has arrived. I’ve activated it in app and of course the card is declining every time I try to use it (chip and pin). Apple pay works fine, but the physical card doesn’t. I’ve raised a ticket. Another stellar experience. The ‘eff-up’ to success ratio isn’t really great from my experience as a card holder at the moment.

Is it the new card details or still the old ones under Apple pay? Did you change the pin number at all after getting the replacement card?

Apple Pay uses a virtual card number, the card number in the Tymit app hasn’t changed but the cv2 has. I’ve not requested a pin change, oddly I can’t view my pin in app.

So customer service are moving quickly today. Looks like there was a mistake reissuing the card. I have another new card (with a new number this time) on the way.

I did notice that the new card has a turquoise core which looks quite nice, if the new card can combine that with actually working then I’ll be on to a winner.

That’s good customer service got onto it quickly for you, I had feared you wouldn’t get a reply until Monday so pleasantly surprised at that.

Hopefully you get the new card quickly and everything works as expected or should I say works properly :smiley:

Yes I was surprised too. Fingers crossed!

Is that a new design? Could you share it please

I think it’s more of a slight change, the front and back of the card are unchanged but there is a turquoise effect to the edge of the card now.