No access to purchase details

Since the last update a week ago, I have not been able to access any details of my purchases, nor choose my payment plan. From the home tab, pressing either a purchase or the “choose plan” option, nothing happens. Trying to do the same thing from the spending tab, nothing happens either. For some purchases, the app has prompted me to change the payment plan but not consistently. This is the only way I’m getting access to the payment plan. Anyone else experiencing the same issues on Android?

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I currently don’t have access to help but you can always report bugs in the app to Tymit via Email or in App.

You can also report app issues on the Google Play store

Edit: Just checked the developer contact in the Play store and it’s the same customer service email. I would say that’s your best bet for a faster response to her help with your payment details and plan :blush:

Tymit crew will also see this post as it’s under Bug Reports.

Hey @Hallistoteles - I have raised this as I experienced the same.

I am on iOS so it’s a cross platform bug.


I’m on the latest version and to access purchase details you have to swipe to the left and then click view.

N.B. I’m on iOS.

Not an option on android yet as far as I’m aware, at least swiping doesn’t make a difference.

Hi Rob, I can do that too but I can’t replan a payment. Could you give that a try please?

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You are right, I can’t replan.

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Thought so. I’ve raised this as a support ticket so happy to post here once resolved but hopefully it will be done in an update soon.

It seems my repayments are all for the April repayment so I should have time to replan them when it’s fixed :slight_smile:

I have now managed to access all purchase details and also spread payments over months.

Does it work for yourselves @Hallistoteles and @Rob17 ??

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No, still the same issues for me.

Hmmm that sucks. I’m not on Android so can’t help but hopefully you’ll get a reply from support soon. Let’s see if it works for @Rob17

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No, I can’t change plans still.

It’s all working for me again, changing plans too :v: Hopefully works for you as well now @Rob17