No CRAs report almost 6 months

Over 5 months after joining the booster program and paying on time every month, Tymit is still not showing on any of the credit reports. I have Credit Karma and Clearscore and I haven’t seen anything relating to Tymit

Tymit have announced that they’ll be reporting to those two CRAs soon, Transunion (Credit Karma) and Equifax (ClearScore), but I haven’t heard that this is happening yet. I actually came here to check if there are any news about that.

You should however have something showing on your Experian report (also available for free through the Credit Club on MoneySavingExpert)


Hi, if it is not showing on your Experian report, just wait one more month so it wont have negative effect on your report but positive :slight_smile:

Hi @Danny, just to confirm, Tymit currently only reports to Experian, so if you haven’t already, I would suggest you sigh up for Martin’s credit club, and hopefully you can see it there (Experian). We have haven’t been given a date when reporting to the other 2 CRAs will start.

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Hi @Danny, thanks for reaching out.

As some others have said, there are 3 Credit reference Agencies (CRAs)

  • Experian (by far the largest and most-used)
  • Equifax (used by Clearscore)
  • Transunion (used by Credit Karma)

Right now we only report to Experian, which we prioritised because of its size. We are currently working towards reporting for the other two and I’ve just asked the team to accelerate this. Given the nature of the product (credit building), we want to report to all 3. I’ll post an update in the new year and please follow up if I haven’t

I hope you all have a great Christmas!



You only report to Experian? I thought I had an email stating you now update all 3 CRA?