NO FEES and login page

I just noticed this when making a payment to HM Gov’s Border Force but unsure if it’s always been like this:

If you select 1 or 3 months, it correctly displays “NO FEES”. If you select anything that causes interest, it displays “NO FEES (APR 19.8%)” but I would expect not to see. “NO FEES”. Unless Tymit are talking about regular monthly fees, but that wouldn’t make sense to display on each payment plan page.

Secondly, you can swipe to a second page which states you need to login to see this content (I’m authenticated in the app).

App Version: 1.13.1
iOS Version: 14.4.2
iPhone 12 Pro

When I slide across I get the payment estimate for the next 4 months

It’s always been like that for me with the no fees, When you slide it to say 6 months and interest would be charged it still says no fees but displays the rate of interest along with what interest you would pay monthly. I just assumed it meant no additional fees.

The other screen asking for login I have never seen, Like @dudesuper1982 I get the next 4 months payments and never seen that screen before.

If this was their intention then I hope they can state “no monthly fees” and move the APR to a new line but I suspect (and hope) it’s supposed to be hidden. :slight_smile:

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Yes I suspect you are right @jase maybe it’s supposed to be hidden. It would make more sense if the NO FEES wasn’t displayed at all and just stated monthly interest, APR and total payable.


This should be displayed to booster users only because of the monthly fee.

I think it’s the reverse and not to be displayed to Booster users. There seems no need to tell you on the individual transaction about your monthly fee, especially if someone misinterprets that as a monthly fee for each transaction.

More likely it’s supposed to not be visible and just display the APR and interest projection.