No response from tymit staff

I have tried to get in contact with the people at tymit and have had no response, why is there no customer service number when they have 33 million card holders in the uk. Why send a card if the app won’t let me activate it or use my temporary card. I am not impressed and i am seriously going to close my account if this doesn’t get resolved today. Is anyone else having this problem?

There will be a backlog of requests from over the weekend (and if you’ve submitted multiple requests) as stated in your other post this will only further hinder the situation for both yourself and other customers.

Customer service responses are not instant they can take two to three working days at times depending on the workload although I have had a response the same day on occasions it’s just a case of being patient and waiting your turn I’m afraid.

The best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else is not submit multiple requests for the same issue.

Not sure where the 33 million figure come from but I would say that would be very inaccurate given that it equates to just under 50% of the entire population of the UK.

There’s just under 8 billion people in the world just so you know

Tymit are stating the market opportunity size in the blog post, not their own customer base. They have nowhere near 1,000,000 let alone 33,000,000.

The advice above around support is good. If you have a lost or stolen card, you can use the phone line but this won’t be possible for customer service until the company grows a little more and can offer this.