No way to pay the bill?

Hi all! Using the Tymit Booster card here and i seem to have run into a problem. The app states i am due to pay on 8th March however i have the money to just clear the balance now. Upon tapping ‘Transfer Money’ and then trying to select ‘Pay Bill’ , nothing happens? The ‘Pay Bill’ option highlights as i tap it then it doesnt go anywhere. Im on the understanding that it should give me tymits info as well as a special reference number unique to my account so they know its a payment?

Any insight here would be nice as i certainly dont want any black marks on my credit file when im perfectly able to pay!

Hi @DarNara it should give you the unique reference as you are expecting.

Do you know which app version and phone (including OS version) you have?

iPhone 12 Mini - iOS 14.4 - Not sure on Tymit app version, i assume to be latest as App store only lets me open it.

Ah ok so in the App Store if you scroll further down it should give you the version number. I would imagine you are on the latest but worth checking it shows as below:

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Oh yeah there we go, thats what i’m seeing too; 1.11.18

Good news: You’re on the latest version for iOS

Bad news: My only next advice would be to uninstall, restart, reinstall and try again.

Is this your first bill? The number doesn’t change otherwise so if you have sent money previously, it should be there.

I can share the bank details but you will need your reference.

This will be my first Bill, all the App tells me is that its due by March 8th and the only reference i have is for if i want to make a deposit and all that does is increase the amount of credit available, as per the Booster cards functionality. So i probably have tymits details already, its just the reference numbers between doing a deposit, and paying the bill are likely different

They could be the same thing ultimately. Mine is my initials plus 4 numbers e.g. JM1234

The account details are also in the credit terms too.

I wonder if it’s worth making a £10 payment to see if that goes to the bill or your deposit?

The only other thing @DarNara - When you click Email Us in the account details section, does the email get pre-filled with any reference? I can’t check without having the Apple Mail app on my device.

Reinstalled the app, same issue. Tapping ‘Email us’ doesnt pre-fill anything sadly. And the card terms does have tymits bank details.

I think i see whats going on, the bank details for a DEPOSIT, and the bank details listed in CREDIT TERMS are different. But i wonder if i can use the same reference i see when i select to make a deposit :thinking: :thinking:


Using the details in CREDIT TERMS, followed by the reference given in the app for making a deposit can be used to pay the bill. Soon as i sent 1 pound the App notified “Awesome! We have just received your payment of 1! Thank you!”

So for anyone stuck with what i had, where tapping ‘Pay Bill’ does nothing, follow these steps:

1.) In the app, goto your CREDIT TERMS , you can get there by tapping the little person icon in the bottom right

2.) Find the portion regarding repayments and you’ll see Tymits bank info. Make a note of this!

3.) Now on the main screen of the Tymit app, tap ‘Transfer Money’ and select to make a deposit.

4.) Select UK bank transfer

5.) Make a note of your unique reference number

6.) Exit the Tymit app and head over to your online banking app/website

7.) Setup a new Payee with the bank info you got from CREDIT TERMS.

8.) If you have a payee setup for Tymit deposits, name this new Payee something like Tymit [BILL PAY] because as you’ll notice, the account for deposits and the account for paying your bill is different!

9.) For a reference on this new Payee, put the same reference in that you’d use if your making a deposit.

10.) You may get a warning that the account cannot be verified. Dont worry this is normal. Not all banks seem to be caught up with Tymits choice of payment processor so save the Payee as normal

11.) Send a test payment of 1 pound to this new Payee just to make sure its all working. Assuming no problems, the Tymit App should notify as it did for me: “Awesome! We have just received your payment of X!”

Thats it!

(Edited to add these hopefully helpful steps! (And correct some spelling!))


Awesome! Glad I could help.

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Credit & Card Terms in mine are still invalid, still states the old original bank transfer account details plus says the card is issued by Wirecard.