Not moving position in queue

Hi, I’ve been stuck in the more or less the same queue position for several weeks now, how often are Tymit allowing people in?

Hi @Leisurepirate our waiting list is now for the Android app only, which is still in the final stages of development. We hope to provide an update on the beta launch very soon and following a successful live test of the app we will begin inviting users in staggered waves.

Thank you for your continued patience, we’re looking forward to welcoming you as a Tymit card holder :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,

My patience is fast running out. It’s over 11 months since I signed up with promises of launch LAST summer. I understand things can get delayed but this extreme. Your promises of updates “very soon” are ringing hollow. I’m going to have to look elsewhere as I need a card for this spring and it doesn’t look like you are going to be ready in time.

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Hi @JMark we do appreciate your patience while we finalise the development on the Android app. As you can imagine it’s not a small job developing an app of this scale, while also supporting our live iOS app. As soon as we have a firm date for launch, I can assure you we will post the update in the community.

I was moving up the queue then stopped at 4840. It moved 2 in about a month.

What frustrates you about your current credit card they ask. Hmmm Well at least I have one so far Halifax 10 tymit 0. Why launch if not ready

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Hi @PaulRiccio are you on an Android or iOS device?

Hi Tom
I’m on android, any news on when it might start moving yet?

Android and still on 4840. If I just uninstall can it cancel? Don’t want this any more

I’ve given up waiting - Over a year is just a farce. I hope this works out for you in the end but someone else can have my (stationary) place in the Android Q. A great shame and not good PR for the company. A lot of false promises. Bye.


Any update on the wait time yet?

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Lol it went down by one a couple of weeks ago

Now it broke :sweat_smile:

Hi @michalzxc, we’re really sorry about that! The issue should now be resolved, could you please try again and let us know how you get on? Happy Friday :blush:

Hi, thank you, back in the queue :grin:
Happy Friday!

@Tom I signed up a long time ago, near to when the waitlist first opened. I got an invite email and went to sign up to get my card. However when I signed up I entered the email address that I’d recently started using as my main address and not the address that I signed up with.

I realised and logged out - I tried to sign in again with the email address I’d originally signed up with but it appears that my phone number is now the main log in method and whenever I enter my phone number it says it’s linked to another account.

Is there anything I can do about this?