Not receiving support emails from zendesk

Hello, wasn’t sure what section this best fit in.

As of the last week or so I have stopped receiving email notifications for replies to my support questions.

Luckily I had the idea to go direct to the tymit zendesk and created an account there or I would never have seen the responses, but it’s probably something team tymit should query about as I can imagine it looking as there are no support responses for some!

Just to clarify, this isn’t something on my end as I have checked all folders/spam on my email (Gmail) and nothing… I have also let the support rep that I was speaking to know.

Another suggestion, what about having a questions section in the community?

I can confirm that I haven’t been getting any either. After raising my issue, I had an initial message to say it was being looked in to, what platform was I using, then a week or so later, I got an email asking about how the service was, and that showed many attempts to contact me, that never reached me

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I’m somewhat glad it isn’t just me then! Are you using Gmail or another provider?

Your experience matches mine, I had opened other requests fine but then one day stopped getting replies and then got one of those “rate this conversation” emails that showed replies I hadn’t received which was what let me to create an account on the zendesk platform

I am using Gmail. The messages don’t even appear in spam.

I hadn’t tried creating an account for zendesk though, thanks for the tip

Hi @KarlD89 and @Richy, thank you for raising this and we hope that you’re keeping safe!

We had noticed an issue where customers weren’t receiving our responses and we have since investigated this.

After testing this myself, I can confirm that this should now be resolved.

Of course, if you notice this isn’t the case or anything else you’d like to share with us, please do! Your feedback is what strives us to achieve more :rocket:

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Thanks for the tip-off, @Richy.

Have been waiting for a reply to an email for six days. Just worked out how to sign into Zendesk and it seems a reply was sent the next day.

I just never received it. :man_shrugging:t3:

Thanks, worked perfectly