Not sure what Recent Activity is for

All the graphs and sections of the Android app make sense to me.

But one.

On the home page the top “fuel meter” is all correct and up to date.

“The Recent Activity” amount and transactions look like a random transaction salad.

Then January 2021 section starts with amount matching the fuel meter above the “recent activity” and other tabs in the app.

So can anyone explain what is Recent activity for? And what is it supposed to show?

I.e. 2&3rd January purchases which are the most recent, and yet they only show up in the January bit of the app, but not “recent activity”.

Cleared storage & cache of the app, and logged in from scratch and Recent Activity is now gone.

And everything looks great!


hey @xnox, glad it got sorted.

i’ve passed this on to the team in any case… and yes, i did use the term ‘transaction salad’ :joy:

Thanks for letting us know

Ok I am starting to understand what transaction salad is supposed represent. It looks like a very tidy deconstructed salad now.

January month closed and empty push notification sent to me, and the recent activity got populated with all the transaction split portions that will be due this month.

What was really odd in the past is that it was incomplete set of things and some other stuff did not get pushed to it and only appeared in the prior month.

But now things are clear and most importantly all the sums do add up. I.e. recent activity matches the expected February statement as things stand now.

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So I guess “recent activity” is still odd. Because transaction portions can be very very old inside it with very old dates.

It would be more appropriate to call it “Future bill” or “Next bill”. To be inline with “January bill” which is now closed.

Thanks for the feedback, @xnox .

We have some updates coming soon which should make everything a bit clearer.

I’ve passed your comments on to the team :slightly_smiling_face:

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