Nothing personal shared here, but confused

So, I got my card on the back end of April, immediately bought an oculus quest 2 and a few games, didn’t like the games and got a refund.
The bit that I’m confused about is I don’t need to start paying it back until June?

This is not to say that i’m complaining by any means, extra time to pay is always nice :slight_smile:

I think the billing period is the about 25/26th of the month.

So anything bought after say 25/26th April will be in the bill drawn up on 25/26th May which is then due by the 7th June.

May be wrong but that is how I see it.


That would definitely make sense with what i’m seeing

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Yes so your billing period ends on the 25th of every month. Anything bought from the 26th rolls into the following month. :slight_smile:


@jojingles is 100% correct, All purchases are after the 25th so they come out the following month.

Edit @blvck.s is also correct :laughing:


Thank you for helping me understand :slight_smile:

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No problem @Prinz_Protato we are all here to help each other and it’s great to see @jojingles and @blvck.s answer your question so quickly.