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Newbie here. On booster as my credit file is a tracker of my mental health so I’m quite interested in this product. I don’t really have any expectations of my credit file becoming full of joy - now my ducks are in a row then only time will do that. That said, I’ve been able to deposit enough to have a useful limit. Couple of questions:

  • Is there a limit to the funds I can put on deposit? I’ve got 5k earning 0.05% so I might send it over.
  • Does the card (boost) get treated as a ‘real’ card for the purposes of offline use and car rental desks (subject to credit obvs)
  • What’s customer care like here? I left Monzo as I got bored of getting emoji-filled replies three days after I’d ask a simple question.

Gosh that was three questions, how outrageous.


Welcome to the forum.

As far as I’m aware there is no limit to the amount you can deposit.

Yes it’s treated the same as the standard Tymit card and will soon have Apple Pay and google pay

Customer care is a little slow at the moment but they have said they are looking to take on more staff

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Welcome to the forum @thisisntwhatiwanted

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Ok thanks for the heads up. In an ideal world I wouldn’t need to interact with them at all but from the fintech products I’ve used there really seems to be an opinion that customer care is “legacy”.

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Welcome @thisisntwhatiwanted.

  1. You deposit as much as you like, but Tymit is not a bank so would only suggest you deposit as much as you need to have a healthy credit limit and a reasonable utilisation ratio (Max 50%)
  2. Card is treated as normal credit card, so pay at pumps currently don’t accept the card other than that accepted anywhere Visa can be used.
  3. Customer care is a work in progress, and there can be some delays and you have the community to answer a lot of questions as long as they are not account specific, but some staff can get issues escalated from here, so always good to reach out here if having serious issues.

Pay at Pump does work at Sainsbury’s and one other, but Tymit we’re having issues with Tesco. It just depends which retailer you use.

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Welcome @thisisntwhatiwanted! I hope the username isn’t in reference to Booster :joy:

The answers from @dudesuper1982 and @Sholao are absolutely spot on - let me know if there’s any other questions you have