Onboarding in Android App

Hi there,

Just installed the Android app and entered my details as requested.

Regarding date of birth, I’m 60 plus (probably not your target audience but still…) so the pop-up to choose the date only offers the current date and a step-back-by-month arrow. Can you imagine how long it took to get back to my birth month in the 1950s ?!

There didn’t seem to be a ‘manual’ way to type the date in so you might want to look at that input in future versions of the app.

Anyway I’m now in the queue and eager to try the card.

Hope this a useful feedback.


In the date selection window, if you tap the small year number at the top, it will allow you to quickly change the year :+1:

Hi robsug, thanks for that - I’d tapped on just about everything else including the year in the middle without success! Not very intuitive but I don’t suppose the app can do anything about that. I’d have preferred a simple three field edit but now I know. Cheers.

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No problem, I’ve had the same issue before. It’s the Android ‘date picker widget’ design that’s terrible. Definitely not initiative in any way.

You could just click on the year in the calendar and it lets you scroll back through the years, then click back on the months after you set the year. (Edit already posted above )