Online transaction declined for "insufficient funds"

Just had an online transaction declined for “insufficient funds”, but plenty of available credit on the card. Went to check any card controls, only to remember there aren’t any :joy:

No sign of a transaction in Tymit. Mysterious…

Merchant name? Any error codes along with that error reason? Did you try any other merchant?

Hi @Gaoler - Tymit did post on their Twiiter account that they had an issue yesterday, this could be the reason your card was declined. Their tweet said this:


Problems with declined transactions stated as resolved on 22/06 but here we are 2 days later and ive had transactions declined tonight. This is no good to me when you want to access your money. Im now frightened to load incase my money becomes inaccessible. Cnt even access the cashpoints now.
This card started off so well and now its scary.

Welcome to the community @Stevie0191.

Have you contacted support using the email address on the back of your card?