Pay at pump declined

Is Tymit accepted at Tesco pay at pump - today the card was declined when I tried to fill up and use the pay at pump option. It worked ok when I went to the cashier, but had hoped the card would work at the pump like most credit cards do. Is this something that needs enabling?

Flagged this both on here and via support link in app on Wednesday. It’s now Friday and no resolution from either. Customer service not looking great is it? Worse case scenario I would expect a 24 hour turn around time. Best in class customer service would sort this out within a couple of hours. Come on Tymit - I want to be a part of your journey, but you have to start doing better than this.

Is Tymit supposed to work at Tesco pay at pump or not?

I have to say I have found Tymits customer service to be rather quick in my case and i fully understand in some cases things to go wrong. Regarding the Tesco pay at pump I think this is down to the new regulations and card processors and suppliers as pay at pump now requires a deposit before you fill up which is held on your card until a few days later then the correct amount is taken and the pending deposits type released back onto card.
Some pay at pump require a £100 hold.
Due to this it could be either the card is not supported or your available balance is not enough for a hold to be placed on the set amount.
either way email or via the app as everytime I have emailed I have recieved a reply within Minutes to hours sometimes.

Hope this helps and I could be wrong.
Take care keep safe.

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Thanks for the response. My experience with customer service unfortunately is days rather than hours. I have flagged this up on the support site within the app and currently have a ‘we are looking in to it’ response. But that was 2 days ago.

Re the Tesco Pay at Pump - I have plenty of available credit left and so that isn’t the issue. Will update this when/if I get any sort of response.

Customer service has, for me, been excellent so far and I am impressed with Tymit. I always get a quick response. Also, I haven’t had a problem with Tesco Pay Pumps either. As with all start ups, my best advice is to be patient, and to always carry a back up card, just in case. No doubt similar experiences were had by clients of Revolut, Monzo and Starling during the early months.

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Thanks again for response and interesting that your card works ok at Tesco pumps - hopefully an issue that Tymit can sort out. However, still no response from customer service other than ‘we will look in to it’ - it’s now been 3 days.

I know start ups tend to have teething problems - I do like to support start ups and have accounts with both Monzo and Starling - although only use Starling now as Monzo were not great in early days and Starling was a lot better all round. I also had a Tandem Card, and although there were a couple of glitches early on, they quickly sorted those out and their customer service was excellent. I only ditched Tandem due to the move to a paid model. I have been hoping that Tymit will be able to replace my Tandem card, but so far I have half the credit limit and have had a number of declined payments. I really do hope that Tymit get their act together soon. Their lack of interaction on this forum however, doesn’t really inspire me with confidence.

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It’s now been a week and a half since I flagged this issue and so far only had a ‘we are looking in to it’ response.

26 days later and still no answer to this apart from ‘looking in to it’!

I had the same problem at Tesco pay and pump yesterday. Had to use another card instead.

I have had same issue at Tesco pump recently. Luckily was carrying another card

Still no answer or resolution on this. Maybe Tymit have travelled to Tesco Head Office on the back of a snail and have decided to go the scenic route :joy:

Will the new Tymit card work at ‘pay at pump’ terminals for fuel?

Hey @Stephen,

I have an update on Pay at Pump for you.
So, the short answer is Yes, but we’re still doing some testing.
We’ve tested Sainsbury’s and that’s working :white_check_mark:
We’re troubleshooting Tesco right now, so we should have an update for you soon.
But your Tymit card will work at every Pay at Pump eventually.
As always, any feedback on the pumps working well, as well as those that aren’t, is appreciated.

Really sorry to keep you waiting for this, and thanks for your patience.
But i can also confirm the ride back :snail: from Hertfordshire is very nice :wink:

lol - good news about Sainsburys as we have one just down the road from us that ONLY has pay at pump option. Will try it out with Tymit today or tomorrow! thanks for the update :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Any joy using it at the local Pay at Pump?

Yes, it worked at Sainsbury’s pay at pump no problem. Meant to post an update to confirm but forgot.


So from June until now there has been no resolution to using pay at pump at Tesco as I have just experienced.