Pay at pump declined

Something is not working. My First Direct credit card was fine so not sure why Tymit can’t make it work.

It will likely be down to the merchant not Tymit as these types of payments do work with other merchants.

Tymit should be able to work with the merchant to resolve but Tesco will need to do the actual heavy lifting.

sure @jojingles , let me check in on this, but i suspect the issue will lie on Tesco’s side, unfortunately. Leave it with me to confirm :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t tried my card at Pay@Pump yet for this very reason.

When Tandem first launched their credit card, I had a months long battle with Morrisons to get their pumps updated and I don’t fancy it again!

But I did find out some details on how the system works.

When you first insert a card (before PIN is requested), the card’s BIN 6 is checked against a ‘whitelist’ which is stored in the terminal at the pump itself. When financial institutions are allocated a new BIN 6 there is a process for distributing the new numbers to merchants who use ‘whitelists’ to screen out cards they don’t accept (such as prepaid or ‘online-only’ debit cards).

But some merchants don’t update the terminals’ as often as they should, leading to declines.

The main problem is that your average supermarket customer service-type knows none of this and doesn’t know who to turn to to get the problem sorted.

With Morrisons, after constant pestering I eventually managed to get in touch with the person whose job it was to keep the ‘whitelists’ updated, who reluctantly added Tandem’s BIN 6 manually to their entire estate of pumps.

I don’t know whether it would be worthwhile for somebody at Tymit to get in touch with the supermarkets that have not yet updated Tymit’s BIN 6.

Or perhaps better still, maybe if Tymit complain to Visa, they could crack the whip with the supermarkets via their merchant service providers…

It’s not really Tymit’s job to do this and the Visa merchant agreement doesn’t cover this either (although I can only speak for small merchants).

I think it’s better for customers of the merchant to keep pestering merchants who don’t do this proactively.

BINs are notoriously difficult to keep updated. Customers of Dozens will remember their cards were not accepted on London’s transport network due to the BIN being blocked by TfL after Loot, whom they shared a BIN with, went out of business. Took far too long to resolve but ultimately the ownership is on the merchant.

Hi @jase

Thanks for the reply.

I guess it’s essentially a political disagreement, but I couldn’t be more at odds with your point of view.

It should NEVER have to fall to the customer to sort these things out.

I have some sympathy for the argument that it’s not Tymit’s fault and of course in essence it isn’t. But by the same token it definitely shouldn’t be the customer’s problem and by virtue of the most basic concept of customer - service provider relationship it is not the customer’s place to have to take the lead as I did with Tandem/Morrisons. That should go on behind the scenes and as I understand cardholder agreements, any issue experienced by a cardholder with regard to acceptance should always be taken up by the card issuer.

Unfortunately, Tymit’s slow and unresponsive frontline customer service doesn’t help.

I suppose what it boils down to is, are Tymit a cynical “this would be a good job of not for the customers” sort of organisation who can’t be bothered proactively getting these matters resolved, or do they believe in attracting trust by fighting their customers’ corner.

Whether or not you think it’s within their technical remit, somebody at Tymit COULD sort this out by getting in touch with the right people and kicking up a stink.

And so they jolly well should…


Unfortunately customer service at Tymit is not their strong point.

Let me be clear, I don’t believe it’s for the customer to resolve in the long term, but I think that’s the quickest and easiest way and it really isn’t Tymit’s problem ultimately. You got Morrison’s to do so for your Tandem card is the real world example :+1:

The BIN sponsor should be responsible for this and Tymit could put pressure on them but it should be Tymit who deal directly with a retailer.

In fact I’d go as far to say that the BIN sponsor should be resolving this as a business practice and to ensure the best service for their customer. Otherwise Tymit could go elsewhere if they really wanted to.

So I finally got around to trying Tymit at Morrisons Pay@Pump.

Predictably, it didn’t work.

What has me scratching my head, though is quite how and why.

Asda’s pumps first determine whether your card permits offline transactions (presumably from a whitelist of BINs), then authorises a £1 transaction and ‘trusts you’ for the rest of the amount.

Morrisons also used to work like that, but now seems to separate debit and credit card transactions.

For debit card transactions, the terminal carries out some sort of online card validity check, then authorises the full amount of the transaction a few seconds after you finish filling, before the receipt prints.

But for credit card transactions, the terminal now first attempts to authorise a £100 transaction, that being the maximum amount of fuel per transaction. I suppose it assumes that a credit card user will be more likely to have excess available funds until the actual transaction amount is confirmed and settled.

So theoretically there is no risk to Morrisons from a credit card user with more than £100 of available credit.

It’s therefore baffling why, having immediately identified the card onscreen as ‘Visa Credit’, attempted a £100 authorisation it then gave a ‘Declined’ message. It’s not just a case of Tymit’s BIN not being on its whitelist, because it attempted authorisation of the £100.

Clearly, the transaction reached Tymit, because I had an app notification saying “You spent £100 at etc etc…” immediately followed by another one saying “Your £100 transaction was reversed BY THE MERCHANT”.

It’s so frustrating because the terminal and card issuer are clearly communicating with each other now, it’s not the old ‘check whitelist and trust’ system, yet the card is still not being accepted.

Thankfully, I have plenty of other cards I can use at petrol pumps. It’s particularly disappointing though, because it’s just one of a list of small issues that make Tymit an inferior card, when if they pulled their finger out (or better still ironed out all these problems prior to full launch), it could be so much more.

It still looks like there is a problem with Tesco pay at the pump. Card not accepted.

Haven’t tried any other fuel station pay at the pump.

Hopefully this will be fixed in the future.

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I use Sainsburys and Morrisons regularly, but don’t think I’ve tried Tymit in the Tesco Pay@Pump.

It works in Sainsburys and Morrisons but Tymit’s systems have not caught up with the new process of preauthorising a £99/£100 transaction and then sending through the actual amount after the transaction.

Tymit can’t seem to recognise the two parts of the transaction as being linked and they treat them as two transactions and since Tymit include ‘pending’ transactions in your balance, it makes it look like your balance is actually £99/£100 higher than it is.

Even though it drops off after a week, it can be annoying, particularly at the month end if you make a transaction between 25th and 1st of the month.

And if someone has a low credit limit or is nearing their limit, I imagine it would be doubly frustrating if you use a lot of fuel or only fill up small amounts at a time. You could easily have several hundred of your credit limit ‘ring fenced’ and unable to be used.

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Another reason I have stopped using Tymit as my main card.