Paying off instalments

So after being a Tymit customer of just shy of a year. I have only just discovered how to reduce my next months payments if I’ve already cleared this months. You just add funds to your account and it knocks it off the following month. Perfect.

But is there away to knock down other payments for another month.

E.G I have a 0% for three months. I’ve paid this month off and have £150 (month 2) and £150 (month 3)

I pay in £50 which knocks down month 2 down to £100 but now I want to knock month 3 down to £100. Is this possible?

I don’t think that is possible.

I think you would need to replan the purchase to change future payments to equal amounts.

That would work, but you’ll then be charged interest which most of us want to avoid :slight_smile: at least I do!

Meh! I don’t want to do that. Ok thank you. I just need to stop spending and having higher amounts of payments each month haha

Yes, I think it is a good marketing ploy to say 0% for 3 months but in practise if you’ve bought a high ticket item, you have to pay it off 1st to take advantage of the next 3 months interest free especially if you don’t have the money for the item in the first place.
It’s the reason one card can never meet all of an individual’s needs.

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  1. Pay your £50 for month 2 payment
  2. Wait until month 2 payment money is due and pay it (£100)
  3. Pay another £50 which will go down for your 3rd month of payment.
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