Paying the bill

My first ‘bill’ is ready for payment. I’m looking at how to print off a copy - that’s how I like to check off my spending against receipts for the month. I can’t find any way to print off May’s bill - am I missing something?


It would be good to get an answer to the above question.

Also, when you make a bank transfer (with the correct reference) to Tymit is it absolutely necessary to select the ‘I have made this payment’ button or will Tymit reconcile the payment regardless? I ask as I am a fan of forward dating my bank transfers…

Hi @Stephen, thank you for your question and I’m sorry for not picking this up sooner! We’re working on building this functionality but until then you will be able to request these from our support team via in-app chat. We will reach out to you directly as soon as your statements are ready.

Hi @gt94sss2, thank you for taking the time to raise this! There’s no need to select the “I made this transfer” button, it will have no impact on us applying your payment. We’re able to reconcile on the reference used.

Partly why we built this button is that we rely on faster payments to pay your bill, while the funds usually arrive immediately, sometimes, depending on the sending bank and the scheme itself it can take up to 24 hours to arrive. In those cases, we wanted to give our customers the option to flag any unexpected delays via this button if they hadn’t seen their funds applied.

However, based on recent feedback we accept that this may have caused confusion and there are other ways we can serve the same purpose - you will see a change to this which will provide a smoother experience.

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Now that Wirecard is no-more in relation to Tymit, do I still need to pay my credit card bill or has it been wiped off? :slight_smile:

If yes, are the payment details exactly the same as before?

Hi @NickG, your bill remains unaffected (sadly?). You can still go ahead with the same details as before to make your payment.

Bill paid today. How long before I see it credited into my account. The app keeps reporting errors on some screens - i.e. when I dismiss the “card working again” pop up notification.

Hi @NickG, thanks for doing so! You should see your payment reflected in the app very shortly. We’re aware of the error displayed when pressing the “I made this transfer” button and are working on it, but this has no impact on payments overall.