Payment & Billing Issues

Good afternoon Tymit community, we’ve become aware of a number of payment and billing issues which affected a small group of users during the latest billing cycle.

In cases where a pre-payment was made, prior to the end of the billing period, users were seeing conflicting billing amounts within the app. This led to an understandably high level of frustration and confusion around how much was due and the total outstanding balance.

Transparency is one of our core values as a company and this fell well short of the experience we strive to provide for our customers. For this we’d like to unreservedly apologise to all those affected.

We can reassure everyone that the underlying problems which led to this confusion have been identified and will be resolved soon.

Reinventing the credit card is a big challenge and one that comes with some teething issues. However, the vision we have to make credit honest and safe remains our driving focus.

We’ve had a lot of feedback about providing Direct Debit as a payment option and can reassure you that this is currently in development and one of our top priorities.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding, especially in these difficult times. We hope everyone is staying safe and positive out there!


Thanks for the update much appreciated.
Keep safe take care.

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This sounds exactly like the issue I have just reported here: Monthly Bill incorrectly deducts payment of previous bill

Is this issue not fixed? And what happens when my September bill due date arrives? I have paid it, but the app seems to have attributed it towards October. I don’t want to miss a payment I have already paid.


I think I had the same issue yesterday. After my payment it said the amount I owed for October was £0, but it has now corrected itself.

It’s just how it works from experience. If you pay early it records it, 1st of the month bill due, by the 2nd it updates as settled. Confusing to begin with but you get used to seeing it!

Can’t seem to get a quick enough response on my bill being incorrect and its due today. I’d rather not pay the full balance when its been split over a few months. Used the chat but for an urgent issue the response time is so slow. Anyone else having this problem and managed to get it resolved?

We’ve heard your feedback and we have exciting news around how we receive your payments! :raised_hands:

You can now instantly pay your Tymit statement without having to wait hours or days to reflect on your account. :tada:

Exciting news, right? So how can you take part?

Please, help us out with this exciting new feature by following the steps below and share your feedback via This allows our amazing team at Tymit HQ to continue to help improve this for you.

Important details to know:

  1. You’ll see new details in the app (under the pay bill button) to use when you make payments in the future. We’ve shared a new sort code and account number, which means if you have saved the previous details, we recommend that you change these over. This is where the magic happens!

  2. Please, remember to add your reference (this helps makes it a smooth process for us)

  3. When you attempt to make a transfer from your bank account you may receive a notification informing you that your bank is unable to verify the payee. I’d like to reassure you that this is safe and a trusted method. We are happy to talk through any concerns that you may have directly via in app chat or email.

You can also find some other updates to our product here: Product: Past, Present and Future!

Let us know your thoughts and have a great week ahead! :blush: