Payment Declined

Just had a payment declined… account is in a good state and loads of credit left. However, I cannot speak with anyone and the chat is response is 'shortly.

Love my Tymit card, however there are occasions when I (we) need support to be now and not shortly.


What was the merchant if you don’t mind me asking? Was it online or physical?

Try disabling the option in Notifications & Security → Enable location to prevent fraud

I’ve had declined transactions before but worked fine once this was turned off.

Worth a try…

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hey @jonR , if you can provide any more details - online, in store - i can pass on the info.
feel free to DM me if you prefer :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a number of reason why a payment can decline, even if you have a good standing account with available credit, best thing to do is contact Tymit Support as they can probably tell you the reason why.

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I know there are lots of reasons why a card could be declined, what was an issue is that there was no way to speak to anyone other than message or email.