Payment Holding

Just recently I have had a couple of payments that have gone into a separate ‘holding’ area at the top of my payment list. It says that the retailer has ‘held’ funds but not charged me. Then after a few days the charge goes through as normal. This is different to the normal ‘pending’ which happens with other charges. Just wondering if something has been changed in the background recently to flag these up now, which were hidden before. And also why some purchases get put on hold like this. One was from Burger King at a service station for about £13 and the other was at a coffee shop for a similar amount.

Hi @Stephen, thanks for flagging this! We have noticed the same change but there have been no updates from our product team that have resulted in this.

It’s happening due to the way in which information gets forwarded to us from the VISA network. The hold functionality is reserved for true pre-authorisations, for example (but not limited to) those that come from hotels or car rental companies.

We also believe that this should work as it was originally and our team are making changes to have this changed back to how it was before. You’ll be able to benefit from this update as it’ll be in place by the end of November. Hang tight and keep your eyes peeled for more updates! :eyes:

Thanks for the explanation around this. I agree that this type of hold makes sense for a car rental etc rather than Burger King. It’s good to see all the updates coming through on Tymit now - I have found that everything seems to be working better now than a few months back.

I’m so glad to hear that and can’t wait to share what else we have in store!