Payment not showing

Made a payment to the new faster payments account at 04-00-72. It’s not showing on my account despite my available balance reflecting it. (Tymit have clearly received the payment but haven’t fully recorded it on the account). Authorisations balance updated but not the ledger.

Last time I made a payment this way it was shown in the App almost immediately. Something has happened to break the new system. Shouldn’t be card number related but I suspect it is related to the change of card issuer in some way.

Same thing just happened to me. If you tap “see previous month” it will be there. It’s logged under November buts shows as received on the 1st December. It’s strange, I would expect to see it straight away in the current feed at the bottom. Hope this helps.

Check it again tomorrow as one month mine did go very strange with the months payment showing in the wrong place. It was paid early and showed bill as outstanding despite being logged but then reappeared on the 1st. Then on the 2nd had reverted back to normal showing as zero owing. Tomorrow is another day, might be corrected by then!

Thanks. Have contacted support as it’s still not showing.

I noticed that it was logged under previous month which I guess makes sense as it is the payment for the previous month. However, it would be better if this was visible when you go in to the app to just give you confidence that all is well and payment accepted and correct. Maybe one for the tech guys to look at and play around with? I’m sure the user interface will continue to undergo changes and revisions as Tymit become established.

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Transactions made after the 26th appear in the following month, that’s what I had from support, if that helps…

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You’re right @MuppetDave, transactions after the 26th show up in the following month’s bill.

I’ve copied a short explanation below, but you can get more detailed info here

When is the cut-off date for purchases included in my end - of - month - bill ?

The cut-off date for purchases included in your end of month bill is the 25th of every month.

So, if you make a purchase between the 26th and 30th /31st , it won’t be included in your end-of-month bill, which you’ll get on the 1st of the next month. It’ll be added to your bill the following month.

Let’s go back to our example. It’s the 1st of September, so your bill has just closed. You get your bill for every transaction up to the 25th August, but you purchased something on the 27th August too. That transaction will be included on the bill you get on the 1 st of October.

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Thanks @Oisin but the credit I paid in still isn’t showing. Support are investigating since, while they have confirmed receipt, and my available credit reflects the repayment, there is no credit showing in the Bills section at all for this amount.

It is however helpful to know that purchases debited on or after 26th of each month will reflect in next month’s figures. In setting this date I trust that this applies irrespective of whether 25th 26th etc. is a working day or not?

That’s strange, @ninepine :thinking:
Hopefully the team will sort that out for you soon.

On your question about the transaction cut-off, yep, you’re hunch is right - it applies to the 25th, whatever the day of the week it is.

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Good news. I’m pleased to say that the “missing” credit issue now seems to have been fixed. I was requested to delete and reinstall the App. Following this the credit appeared and now shows at the top of last month under “November Bill”.

Thanks to the team for fixing this.

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That’s great, glad to hear it’s sorted @ninepine

Just noticed I have a similar issue and the credit payment I made on the 7 December isn’t showing in the app, though the payment seems to be reflected in the available balance

hey @gt94sss2, have you checked to see if the payment is showing under the November Bill?

Yes, it’s not there.

The last payment showing in the feed is the one I made in October.

I’ve just dropped support a line…

great, ill ask the team about this for you too.

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hey @gt94sss2, i believe the team has sorted this out for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Just want to add a quick reminder to everyone:

When you’re making a payment, don’t forget to use your unique reference number.

This helps us match your payment to your account quicker :zap:

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It has been instant for me with the reference. By the time I close my bank from sending it, it’s in Tymit and applied :slight_smile:

In my case, even with the unique reference, it didn’t show on my transaction feed :frowning:

I’ve had to go back to support as the payment this month is still not showing on my account (and it included the correct payment reference when I made it)