Payment Notification


I paid my August bill on 2/9, and the payment was due today, but my payment still isn’t showing in my account.

I included my ref number as per last month (last month showed on my app immediately) and I got a pop up message on my phone saying “awesome, we have received payment”. I contacted support but have heard nothing back. I’m seriously hoping that a late charge isn’t going to appear in the app…

Hi @TheElk and welcome to the forum. My payment doesn’t show in the app either unless I clear app cache and sign in again (Android). I get same notifications but my available credit does update immediately so I don’t worry about it anymore. Hopefully the redesigned app will resolve all these problems.

I always have go to the previous month for my payment to show it’s never down in the list of current months transactions

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Thank you VERY much - I found the section on the app you mentioned and when I clicked on it, the payment now appears in my last of transactions! Thanks again for everyone who responded! What a great community this is! :smiley:

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