Payment notifications garbled

I made a payment to your new account details. Worked fine but please fix the notification. It doesn’t read right. It also isn’t expandable so if it did read right I wouldn’t be able to view all the text.


I’ve just had something similar telling me my monthly statement has been generated on Android v1.5.4

The email notification includes the new bank account details but fails to mention they have been changed

The amount due is formatted incorrectly so that it says £xxx.4 instead of £xxx.40 in both the email and the notification



I honestly don’t know what the point for this forum is…there’s not interaction from the business on clear widespread bugs

Didn’t someone just post the other day saying they’d been hired to work on the forums?

Hi @gt94sss2, @sfmorris and @simonhunter87!

Thanks for flagging this to us and I’m sorry to hear that this is happening. Our development team are aware and in the process of having this fixed. I expect us to have this resolved in the coming weeks and we’ll update you closer to the time.

@simonhunter87, I’m sorry for not coming back sooner - feedback is extremely important to us, and we use it as the foundations for all our internal conversations. We’re working on communicating this more clearly to our customers!

Give me a shout if there’s anything else you’d like me or the team to take a closer look at.