Payment reference

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone has experienced this before and has any insight.

I paid my bill a few days ago but for one reason or another the bank didn’t use the saved reference, so the payment got sent with the ref ‘Tymit’ basically.

Will Tymit just return the money back to the same account? Since it can’t be allocated.

I wish there was an easier way to contact support.

Hi Michael, Welcome to the community.

Payments sent without the reference will still be allocated to the account but will take a few days as long as it’s been sent from an account in your name.

In the meantime it’s worth sending support a quick email to let them know.


Hi Billy, thank you!

Yes I have opened a ticket a few days ago via the app just no reply as yet. Which looking around the forum seems to be fairly common.

Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

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Yes there seems to be a delay in response times at present but no need to worry. The payment should be allocated to your account within a few days.

This has cropped up a few times so your not the first to send payment without the reference. Tymit stated that including the reference speeds up allocation of funds but not including it is not a major issue.

Hopefully you get a response from support though just for your own peace of mind.

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