Payments to your account

I’ve just realised that I haven’t been provided with the details to make a bank transfer to pay my bill.

They aren’t in any of the emails I’ve received, can’t find them in app and I can’t find them on the website either!

Maybe I’m being a bit blind here, but it seems like a rather obvious thing to provide to new users instructions on paying their bill…


Welcome to Tymit! The UI isn’t great but look at the homepage and there is a link called pay bill in app. I missed it too for ages! Click and it will give you details to make a faster payments transfer with a ref that is key for them to manually attach to your credit card account. Even worse they have to manually process it which can take hours - to days…

Tymit support responded on chat with the same instructions.

I don’t have any such option or button though.

You don’t get any emails, go into app and press make payment, then you will be given details off bank transfer and reference number.

I have no, ‘make payment’, button in my app.

I’ve only used it for one transaction so far, to test it. The transaction shows on my account, but my available balance hasn’t gone down and I have no option to pay my bill.

I’ve sent Tymit screenshots and they say they’re investigating. I’m getting a bit nervous. If it gets to the due date and I can’t pay because the app is faulty and I’m marked on my credit record then I will not be happy.

I don’t understand why they haven’t just sent me the bank details to make an online banking payment, via the support chat system.