PayPal Not Supported?

Just logged a support call about a PayPal payment that I was trying to use to buy from eBay, something I’ve done quite few times recently.

Today it failed and was immediately reversed in Tymit…

According to the answer I got from the service desk just now PayPal isn’t supported!

Now it maybe that the heldesk operator didn’t understand the issue as I’m pretty sure the help desk (and development staff) are based overseas - probably Spain so maybe this issue was lost in translation but my real issue is that I cannot believe the response. I’ve never had a problem with PayPal and any other credit card.

Tymit any more problems then I’m afraid it’s goodbye as I have lost faith. I just hope the senior management of Tymit are aware of all the problems currently being faced by early users.

I hope you are wrong about PayPal as I usually link my credit card to PayPal and I have never had problems with previous cards. I would be linking Tymit to PayPal at some point.

I seem to be having too many problems myself at the moment. Had a transaction declined twice today and had to use a different card.

Have also noticed some strange activity with Apple where my usual iCloud storage transaction was paid and immediately refunded.

All of this along with losing access to the app is starting to make me wonder if it’s too early to be shifting across to Tymit just yet.

I’ve just had amazon decline - right that’s it - I’m off this company is appalling! I have left 1 star review on Apple store and noticed people are posting five starts and leaving their referral code hoping to get £15. How sick (in the old sense of the word). I shall make a formal complaint to Tymit before leaving and escalate to the Financial Ombudsman and FSA if possible there’s no way they should be allowed to operate in the UK with such a pot service IMHO

I think your complaint is grossly overstated. Yes, I would give Tymit five stars - it is one of the most innovative products around. Yes, it has problems, all start ups do, but the overall result in time will be of benefit to all customers. Meanwhile, always carry a second card - just in case. Go ahead, make all your formal complaints to Financial Ombudsman, FSA etc, but don’t you think maybe you should chill a little? Take care.

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My Tymit has been linked to PayPal and a purchase I made a few days ago worked fine - so yes, PayPal is supported.

Also, just to update, the other issues of declined transactions and random refunds seem to have been sorted.

All seems good at the moment.

I will be sticking with Tymit for the mean time as they do seem to be getting their problems sorted out. I want to support new companies like Tymit.