Physical card - does it ever arrive

so, how long are people waiting for new cards? i have a virtual one that works brilliantly but am conscious it only last 12 months.
Most of the bad reviews are due to cards not coming and lack of customer service response ( ive emailed and sent a chat a week ago - no reply). such a shame as the idea in principle is fantastic.
i’m really hoping my card comes soon, it’s been 3 weeks.

Hi @Mslmc welcome to the community

I’m not sure if there are any delays in getting cards out currently but from personal experience I got my card in under a week.

It’s not really come up much on here either so I doubt there are any major issues or we would see more posts about it.

As long as you have contacted to report you have not received it as it may be missing in the post if you’ve already waited 3 weeks.

Same issue here. I’ve now been waiting 19 days for my physical card but no sign of it and to add insult to injury my temporary card on the app doesn’t work. At least it didn’t for an online car insurance renewal.

I feel deeply disappointed and frustrated at the moment because I sent a message to Tymit on 1st September and to date (7th September) I’ve received no response. There is no way of talking to anyone and an email address for a customer service team who may or may not respond in a time frame which suits them is completely unacceptable. Especially in reference to an individuals finances.

As you said a great shame as the concept is great with an impressive app.

Hi @Eddie2211 welcome to the community.

So there does seem to be a theme emerging with cards not arriving. @Oisin is this something Tymit are aware of?

3 weeks does seem too long to wait for a card and 7 days way too long for a response from customer services. Hopefully you both get a response soon.

i think they must be aware due to all the trustpilot negative reviews mentioning the card not arriving, i think the fact the there is never a reply from customer services also is making people lose confidence.( im on my 3rd email/ chat since 23rd Aug with no reply)
i can live with a virtual card as apple pay is enabled but the physical one will be handy for the long term.
I’m hesitant to recommend this to others until the few bugs are ironed out or they recruit more staff. have so far used the virtual card at supermarkets and online with no issues whatsoever. my bill payment went on my account immediately, no waiting a few days like others so i am impressed with the concept.
I’m hoping the rest comes soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Billy. I’m hopeful too that these issues can be ironed out and I can successfully start accessing my account.

But as @Mslmc said I can’t recommemd Tymit to others when so far the only successful correspondence I’ve had with customer services was them requesting further details for my application. Funny how that works :slight_smile:

Tymit have been swamped recently with a larger application rate. They are doubling the size of their support team and hope to bring live chat and telephone support before November.

Hopefully they will resolve your support issue soon via your email ticket :+1:

The card looks amazing, so it is worth the wait :))

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