PIN change failed

I tried to change my PIN at a Sainsbury’s Bank ATM today, got all the way through to the end twice and both times it said “unable to process please contact your card issuer”.

Any ideas, am I limited to only certain ATMs or is there an issue?

Maybe this will help?


Thanks @chistery :slightly_smiling_face:

@acdeag - won’t be too long till this goes live in the app. I know it’s pretty high up on the team’s to do list. I’ll be sure to update on here when it’s available.

I assume the cards don’t allow offline authorisation as the PIN in the card chip won’t match the one set in the app.

@acdeag This would be true, although as soon as you use a terminal that’s online, or an ATM, the processor would transmit a specific tag back to the card terminal under EMV standards, to update the PIN.

So essentially if you changed it and the first transaction you did had a terminal using offline PIN validation, it could fail.


  1. I am not speaking for Tymit, I’m unsure what setup they have.

  2. I can’t remember without checking, the specific tag that is returned but can look it up if you are interested.

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Thanks that is great.

It would be a good idea if people are warned they may need to use the old PIN if the new one doesn’t work first time.


I do just want to clarify, I could be wrong on how Tymit’s processor handles this, so don’t go blocking your PIN with any failed attempts :wink:

I don’t work for Tymit so if you have any issues I would definitely suggest emailing for assistance. :innocent:

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No worries I will be cautious. My only worry would be I change the PIN in the app then don’t remember the old PIN and can’t see it in the app anymore.

Hi all,

Jase is right, if you changed the PIN within the app (which we will support shortly, its being worked on) you’ll need to go to an ATM, login with the NEW PIN (you dont need to remember the old one), and do a transaction: a simple balance inquiry or cash withdrawal would do (remember you can get up to £200/month with no charges no interest). That will update the physical chip on your card with the new PIN you entered in the app.

Offline transactions (ie. devices not connected to the Visa grid like airplanes, TFL and a few others) will not work with the new PIN until the chip has been updated with the ATM transaction. To clarify: the vast majority of card terminals out there (tesco, shops, etc) are “online” with Visa, so these would work with the new PIN even before the chip is updated (note: these will not update the chip, only ATMs can do that).
In any case, it is highly recommended that the first thing you do after changing the PIN is go to any ATM to get the chip updated in case you run into an offline terminal.

Hope this clarifies.


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Hi @Martin

Thanks for the info. I am curious though, if you are recommending going to an ATM, why not just allow PIN changes via an ATM in the first place? Or is this the only way to update the app with the new PIN? (and explains why with the old card the PIN didn’t update in the app)

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I would agree if you have to go to an ATM anyway it would be easier to just keep the method everyone is familiar with. There will be people who will use the new PIN in Tescos one day only to find it doesn’t work the next day as it is an offline terminal and there is no way to tell (unless you are 30,000 feet up).

Out of curiosity would that work with a PayPal Here, iZettle, Square, SumUp terminal?

Martin says it doesn’t.

Hey @acdeag and @chistery - you both raise a good point.

We would have preferred to keep the change-at-ATM method too. That option was available with our old issuer (Wirecard), but it’s not possible yet with our new providers.

It will be soon, though, as well as a bunch of other features we’ll have access too :smiley:

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It can also be expensive too. Most issuers pass on costs for PIN changes :money_mouth_face: :unamused:

We’ll make sure that when we roll out the change PIN via app customers get clear instructions for what to do next to prevent declines.

The capability of allowing an in-app PIN input, allows us also to set the PIN of a new card without going to the ATM for new users or when you need to reorder the card. In those cases, when we request a new physical card to the manufacturer we’ll send the instruction so they ship the card already with the PIN entered via app. We couldn’t do that with Wirecard before (had to apply random PINs).


I read the blurb with the new card - the ability to change the PIN is NOT available at an ATM at the moment. You have to ring the CS team (good luck with that) to get them to change it.

hi @riceuten, you won’t have to wait too much longer until you can change the pin in the app.

I’ve just spoken with the product team and you can expect this feature for iOS users very soon (within the next couple of weeks) and for Android soon after.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated here when I know more.


I’ve had the same issue, as has my partner. We used a Post Office machine. Raised the issue, but no reply. Not good.

My thoughts exactly. Seems a long winded way of facilitating what used to be a simple process! Progress?