[POLL] What feature would you like to have next?

So, as we all now Tymit have been the only provider to truly adapt in the Credit Card market and innovate a product which is so unique to the rest. I’m sure @Oisin would know what it’s in development for the future of Tymit but here’s a question for everyone.

What would you like Tymit to bring to their credit card next?

I think it would be cool to see a rewards card as a different offering which gives you discounts with big retailers on large purchases & maybe some cheeky cash back?

I think it is not possible that 1 card can meet all the needs of an individual especially if the card company wants to stay in business. The only thing that I need more out of Tymit is a higher credit card limit. I don’t think any card company can beat Amex!

I’d love to see open banking integration

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Check out this then @Sholao

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Thanks @Jamesj015, good news indeed.

Be nice to see apple and google pay released next


Soon soon soon soon soon. I can’t wait until they can tell us more about it either. That seems to be everyone’s wish-list right now


Definitely mobile wallet integration then perhaps downloadable .PDF and .CSV statements. Get the basics right then maybe further down the line open banking.


With JaJa closing accounts soon, I’d like to see the changing CVV feature added as it makes me feel my details are a little bit safer when buying online.


I like this idea. My other idea to this would be not printing the card number on the card too


Or maybe a virtual card where the details change every time it’s used


This right here, would be a game changer.

I voted based on the fact of I know what they have said is coming and avoiding re-issuing plastic and potential high cost virtualisation of cards.

I’d rather see then crowdfund if they ever need to so we can all own a piece of Tymit :slight_smile:

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I don’t think 11 is enough of a sample size :joy:

Let’s set a challenge as I think that’s right based on the community traffic. I will re open the poll. Let’s see how many more vote and I’ll repost the results tomorrow but will keep the poll active for the rest of the week :date:


I think the point being is 1 extra day isn’t much. Can this not just remain open for constant capturing?

Yeah sure. Why not. What else do you want to add to it

Perhaps just an ‘Other - Please comment’ option?

One second…… let me add that

Lets go again. This time the voting never ends. Okay so everyone has really pitched some really cool ideas so lets go for something a little different. Here is a poll with everyones ideas. Lets say you had to vote for one feature to come first out of all of them. Lets see which one wins. @Oisin heres one for the development team :wink:

You only get one Vote, Make it count :bar_chart:

What new feature would you like to see come first

  • Mobile Wallet (Google Pay & Apple Pay)
  • .PDF & .CSV Statements (Downloadable in App)
  • Open Banking Integration
  • Changeable CVV Feature
  • Virtual Cards
  • Cards without Card Numbers Printed
  • Other (Comment Below)

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