Problems with App

Hello, is anyone else having problems with the app?

When trying to log in a message saying ‘a problem has been encountered try again later’ pops up. It has done for the past couple of days now

hi @JamesR , welcome to the community :wave:
DMing you for details

All good in the hood here!

It’s always useful to include the device, software, version, and app version you are using.

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Latest android version

What about app version?

I see the Oisin has said he has DMed you so will leave it with them.

I’m having the same issue,app won’t open. I have already missed an opportunity to use the card for a payment and still cannot open the app to activate the card which has just arrived.

Can I please have some support with this.

Having Same issue with app can’t login at all been using for months without issues until now

Hi Frankie @Jackamo2009 and Mark @Markmcg93 - Have you raised support tickets about this? It’s the best way to get support and will help Tymit track bigger issues.

I have yes I’m hoping won’t take to long Sent software version etc but as seems few people having problem thinking may be a issue somewhere in system hoping for fix soon was working to around 6pm last night then suddenly stopped working

Ok, it’s a good idea to not post multiple messages about it as it could adversely slow down the support you get by increasing the workload of the support team.

Hopefully it will get back to normal for you soon :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve sent one email is all so hopefully won’t take to long I’ve sent as much information in one message as can as know it usually takes few days for reply fingers crossed yes

I have sent emails and it has been passed onto another team. This is day 3 i’m unable to sign in to the app. It seems quite difficult to get help.

Fast reply on this so issue being looked into

Anyone still having issues with this has reply telling me to login should now be working but still ain’t working so now waiting for a reply back again hopefully they will fix it eventually

A new update as now appeared for Android since this and doing update the app is now working however last 2 days not working there was no update available so am pretty sure issue was around this but thankfully it is now working for now anyway thank you

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great to hear @Jackamo2009 , glad it’s working now. For anyone else with the same issue, updating to the latest version should do the trick.