Product: Past, Present and Future!

Hey there, Tymit community!

I’m Filippo (Pipo), Product here at Tymit. I’m here to keep you up to date on what we’re working on and listen to how we can improve our product for you! :wave:

New Stuff :white_check_mark:

Our iOS and QA team recently released a new version that’s dramatically improved the app speed, stability and overall experience.

And for our Android users we’re close to offering all the same features you get in iOS, now that our purchase simulator and more purchase details have been released.

We’re also working really hard to offer our handy Bundles feature for Android users, and I’m excited about introducing it to you to you in the next few weeks.

And now for the BIG news: automatic bank transfers have arrived! Now you won’t have to wait hours, sometimes days, to see your payments applied to your account. :raised_hands:

By using the updated account details we provide for you in-app and by email, along with the correct reference, your payment will instantly :zap:appear in your account under the statement(s) it covers.

(see this thread for more info - Payment & Billing Issues)

Up Next :next_track_button:

But we’re not stopping there! We’re also hard at work to bring you Direct Debits, as requested by so many of you.

We’re in internal testing right now, but I’ll come back to you with more info on when we’ll be opening up to external testers. So keep an eye out for the update! :eyes:

And finally, I’m also really excited to announce that our Design Team is working on a new and improved look and feel for the app, just for you! :man_artist:

Our developers are starting the groundwork now, and we’ll share some designs with you as soon as we can to get your thoughts and feedback. :grinning:

Stay Tuned :satellite:

That’s it from me for now. But if you have any questions, just ask :point_down:

We always want to hear how you think we can make Tymit even better, whether it’s an idea for a new feature or just letting us know about a bug :bug:

I’ll be keeping you in the loop about what’s happening at Tymit HQ. Till next time! :wink:


Great update @Pipo

Are you planning on using a third party to collect Direct Debits (e.g. GoCardless) or are you becoming an originator with your own SUN direct with a BACS scheme partner bank?

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@jase Thanks!
You guessed correctly, for now we are going to integrate with GoCardless.


And Apple/Google pay? Have I missed that?

Great news on fast payments! Thanks for the update

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This is all exciting news but would be great to get an update on an Apple/google pay timeline which is definitely what I’m missing the most at the moment.

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@technicolor @Hallistoteles
Unfortunately I can’t provide you with an accurate timeline for Apple or Google Pay as both rely on external sources that we aren’t in full control of, however, don’t worry they are very high up on our must have features so please hang in there with us as we scale up our development. :rocket:

I’m pleased to see the latest improvements in Tymit and look forward to being able to use Apple Pay soon :grinning:

@Pipo what is the ETA for Direct Debits now please? It’s been a number of months since the last comment that Tymit was hard at work to bring them,


Hi @ninepine,

After the hard few months we had around our critical move of card issuer and transaction processor I’m happy to say we managed to still advance with Direct Debits. :sweat_smile:

We have successfully :tada: onboarded a few friends of Tymit onto this already in Nov and Dec and are now starting to roll it out to a larger number of users by the end of this month (Jan).

We then hope to open it up to most of our user base for the February billing cycle… :rocket:

We know this is a very critical and tiresome part of users experience with Tymit therefore we are very happy that you have hung on with us this whole time. :hugs:


This is very exciting @Pipo :slight_smile:

@Stephen @technicolor You should have received invites to test out Direct Debits in your email. :wink:


Yes I did but don’t want to pay via direct debit thanks.

Would be keen to try Apple Pay and will also be pleased when I can access/print off a statement though.

Personally I dislike Direct Debit for paying credit cards, I prefer to know what I’m spending and make the payments manually.

Apple Pay however, bring it on! - Tymit is now the only card I have to physically carry to utilise, plus far less secure, more susceptible to fraud.

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Earlier today I signed up to Direct Debit, the process was so quick and easy! :grin:

Having now signed up it will make my life easier, no more manually paying my bill - and who wants to pay manually, everyone (well, nearly everyone) want things done automatically.

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I use all of my cards as “pay and forget”, so DDs were super high on my personal wish list for Tymit.

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I personally feel Pay & Forget can easily breed a culture of overspending. Money isn’t real that way, just some numbers. I remember the days of getting statements in the post and having to write cheques and post the remittance back. You watched your spending as it could very easily get painful writing those cheques!

Granted Tymit is far less likely to land you in any long term debt by the very nature of it but still there’s always that risk of getting in too deep! Having to actually see the numbers & consider the impact is a decent deterrent to going a bit nuts!

Everyone manages their money different. I certainly don’t overspend, I simply just don’t want to have to manually pay my bill each month.

I understand you don’t have Direct Debits top of your wish list, but for a credit card, it’s a very basic thing and has existed well before Apple Pay did.

I also have a policy of you give me a bill, I check it, if it’s incorrect you fix it, otherwise you don’t get paid. If there are Direct Debit available and lets be honest, Tymit hasn’t always got it right, there’s always the opportunity to just take payment automatically for an incorrect bill, potentially issues existing with transactions etc. I’d rather pay manually if all is correct, if it isn’t then tough, no payment until it is!

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The Direct Debit guarantee specifically guards against this. If something was wrong (e.g. incorrect amount) then your bank when notified must pay this back instantly.

Then it’s on the payment requester to provide evidence to the bank and you.

Although all of my fixed monthly bills are paid by direct debit, I have always paid my credit card bills manually.
Can’t really explain why, maybe it’s just habit