Product Update: We've heard your feedback 👂🏻

Good afternoon Tymit community, we hope you’re enjoying the hot weather :sunny: or doing your best to stay cool at work :hot_face:

We’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of everyone within the community about the product and thankful for all the feedback, both positive and negative, about the product. We would like to assure you that we have been all ears :ear:t2:and we wanted to share an update on what we’re working on currently and what is in the pipeline.

Speed of the App
We know that the load time and general sluggishness of functionality, like selecting an instalment plan, has caused huge frustrations over the last couple of months. To rectify this, we have undertaken a big background project to improve our processing times. From the next app update, you will notice a first incremental improvement, there is a second upgrade coming in 2-3 weeks that will make the login work at warp speed! We hope will make the account management experience significantly better.

Direct Debit & Payments
We’ve heard the concerns that people have about not being able to schedule a regular payment to their account and the speed with which payments have been applied. We understand this is a very important area to address, to give everyone peace of mind in managing their bill. We’re currently working to bring Direct Debit functionality to the app, the rough implementation time for this will be around 3 months. This is quite an important upgrade as it introduces several changes to how the billing cycles are managed and the notifications are sent to you. In the meantime, we are working to make bank transfers appear in your account instantly, this should be in place in approximately 2 months.

We’ve heard the feedback from some users that they are struggling to understand how their bill is calculated. Given how different the Tymit card is to a traditional credit card and the flexibility we provide over a fixed term loan, we’ve had a number of technical challenges in how we display your balance with the complete transparency we strive for as a brand. Over the last two months we have undertaken a complete refactoring of the billing process to make it far easier to understand and in conjunction we’re redesigning the overview section within the app, so that you can quickly understand your commitments. We will be releasing important enhancements in the Bills section of the app in the next 4-5 weeks.

Declined Transactions
We really appreciate the feedback we’ve been receiving on declined transactions. These can be related to a large number of reasons including restricted merchants, potential fraud flags raised by our systems, outdated payment equipment/software from merchants, among others. Our team has already implemented enhancements that reduced the number of declines by more than 60% in the last 2 months. Many of you should’ve noticed improvements already. We know that a couple of merchants are still regular offenders including Tesco Pay at Pump. On some occasions, the authorisations from these merchants never reach our systems. We’d like to assure you that our operations team are acting on all of these reports and conducting thorough investigations with our card processor into why this is happening. We will keep you updated as we know more.

Apple & Google Pay
This is one of the most highly requested features within the community and we understand why. We can assure you that we are absolutely committed to delivering this functionality. We can’t share timelines at the moment unfortunately for reasons outside our control but work to bring this functionality has started already. We want you to know that your feedback has been heard and this is in our roadmap. We’ll bring you more info on this in the near future.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and engagement within the community. We’re constantly learning and improving our service and our customers are at the very heart of this process.

In the coming months we will be increasing activity within the community, giving you better visibility on what we’re working on and how you can get the most from your Tymit account. So, keep your eyes peeled :eyes: and have a great weekend!


I’d like virtual cards, like Revolut, would use more if available.

Waiting to find out tomorrow if once my bill is due whether it does say paid against a recent transaction since I paid early that installment (1 of 3) - Currently says 0 of 3 paid despite the payment a week ago.

Billing and Direct Debits are great place to start for basic functionality. Can’t wait for these to go in!


Any updates on better billing payment method or at least the processing aspect?

Paid bill yesterday on pay day but not yet acknowledged in the app. If not logged by this time tomorrow will raise a ticket. Last month was acknowledged within 2 hours.

Any new updates … been a while :slightly_smiling_face:


Whats features are coming next for Tymit ? @Martin @Tom

Any one struggling with deposit i try to deposit to tymit but ot connect with bank,any help