Promote the Tymit community more

I’ve only been here a week or so and enjoying being part of the community, however I notice that Tymit don’t actually do much to promote the community.

I stumbled across the community (I can’t remember where) but it wasn’t part of the sign up process or from any official Tymit communications. I see this as a missed opportunity for Tymit to get more customers involved.

Someone previously suggested a link in the app and that would be a good start. On the options page where it says message us, email us, read faq’s why not have a link saying ask the community? This would be good to see.

I would also suggest the welcome email has a link to the community, I’m sure new customers will have general questions, If they can get the answer here it saves creating a support ticket and in turn will take some pressure off the customer service team.

If a support ticket is submitted it would also be good to see a link in the auto reply email, Something like “if your enquiry is not account specific” you may find what you need quicker by asking the community.

I’m sure all of the above would be easy to implement and with little to no cost involved. The way I see it is every question answered here is 1 less support ticket and in turn a quicker reply for those who do need to open a ticket.

Makes sense to me anyway, Apologies for the long post!


I agree, especially with Tymit being an unconventional credit card, lots of new customers will have questions that can easily be answered here or at least pointed on the right direction.
Hopefully this can be implemented.


Thanks for your support and yes that’s exactly my point. On opening my account I submitted a support request for a very simple question that would of been answered on here in no time.

If I had known the forum existed I would of got my answer sooner and wouldn’t of taken up the valuable time of a customer service agent.

Revolut has a clear link to the community section for help, encouraged as the initial line of enquiry.

One big advantage is a 24/7 Live Chat very much like American Express if the query can’t be resolved by looking in the community section. I suspect as Tymit grows, especially through gaining more customers who wouldn’t ordinarily be accepted their support system will need to grow as well. Users are already reporting severe delays in response to queries, especially more complex ones. As said previously greater utilisation of the community will help reduce that strain. Eventually though people will expect 24/7 chat support. Amex is probably the gold standard there. I’ve gone onto live chat and asked a question at 2am and had an answer from a support agent within a minute & they’re always super helpful. That sort of support is now the normal now.

I am working to create wiki entries for common things to do or problems on Tymit so if you wish to help, that would be ideal.

We can then edit these to keep them up to date.


Yes that would be good, My knowledge is obviously limited with being new but I’m willing to help where I can.

You’ve done well along with @dudesuper1982 to help as much as you can so far, so I am sure between a few of us we can build a few wiki posts up here. Let’s use the #tymit-talk category for “how to Tymit” perhaps?


Thanks @jase and yes sounds like a good idea. The how to Tymit category is looking quite sparse at the moment.

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Yes not many posts in there at the moment

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Thanks for your feedback, @Billy :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re totally right that we need to do a better job of directing users to the community - and this is 100% on the agenda.

We’re revamping a lot of our customer comms at the moment, in particular those during and immediately following the account opening process. And these are perfect opportunities to direct users here. So there’s progress being made on that front.

I’ll be speaking to our customer services team about how we can encourage more users to check in with the community for simpler issues, too.

And this has only really become an option as more users like :clap: yourself @jase @Jamesj015 @Sholao @dudesuper1982 @MuppetDave and others :clap: have become more actively involved and are so willing to help others out. So a big thank you for your input :pray:

Finally, we’ve had a few conversations recently about the community, and it’s in need of a bit of a refresh, including a tidy up of how some of the topics and threads are organised. Let me come back to you on this as your input would be great!


That’s really good to hear. Always here to help. I literally have a tab open for the community most of the time when I’m on my computer :man_technologist:


Thanks @Oisin good to hear plans are already under way to direct more customers to the community. There are so many helpful people on here always willing to help others and it would be a shame to not see this being used to its full potential.

As @Sholao said it’s an unconventional credit card and no doubt new customers will have many general questions that can easily be answered here.

I look forward to you’re update on the refresh and tidy up you have planned to further improve the community.