Reasons for decline

It would be great to do similar to Monzo in explaining the reason for decline.

I left my phone at home (Tymit has location alerts on) and tried to use my card (the shop below my apartment) but it failed. I tried again with the PIN and that failed.

Monzo would let me see why that transaction declined (wrong PIN, incorrect CV2, expiry etc…). It would be great to have this in Tymit too.


That would definitely be a good thing to have.

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Ditto. While I haven’t experienced a declined payment with Tymit, it would be good to have this information…

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To be fair, this was the first one and although I am doubtful it was location based (I was just downstairs!) it is annoying not knowing if there is an issue.

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I had several declined transactions until I turned the location security setting off, not had it since and it’s always left enabled otherwise.