Refund 2 payments into a 3 payment plan

Hi guys I really need some help I was 2 payments in to a 3 month plan but got a refund which is not showing in my account.

The refund is over 1K!

I can’t change the payment plan to pay it off

Help chat are painstakingly slow at getting back.

Hi @xeronex welcome to the community. I think when the bill is reconciled at the end of the month it should be reflected in the outstanding balance perhaps.

You may need to give more information to Tymit if they can’t find your refund. :+1:

They take for ever to reply sadly, would be easier to talk over the phone.

The last reply was the 22nd come on guys!

Mate - this is a community forum - you’ll need to wait fr the staff to get back to you, I realise you’re frustrated

Mate, they got back to me.

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