Refund Issues and support

Hi - just wondering if others are having the same issue which I had with Tymit around refunds.

I made a purchase online with Amazon which went through fine, however the item never arrived, and so Amazon refunded the amount.

The initial payment transaction was chosen on Tymit to be spread over 3 payments, all okay there.

However when I had the refund back, Tymit classed this as a further transaction.

After speaking with support, they initially said there wasn’t a problem (!!), and that it was all okay. However after a few emails to/fro, they took several days to agree it was a refund, and update the account. This then changed the second ‘charge’ to a ‘credit’ as it should have been, meaning the account was clear.

This issue spooked me, and with delays trying to resolve, and so I decided Tymit wasn’t for me. If they were confusing credits I was a little worried - I asked for the account to be closed, which then took nearly a week to do, again seeming a little long to do something straight forward…

Nearly a month later, I’ve had an email advising a payment is due for a random amount which makes no sense at all. I’ve forwarded this onto the support team, but worried that Tymit is inaccurately reporting (and possibly to credit agencies) about me.

Anyone else had issues with refunds?

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I had a couple of refunds come through OK. These were on payment plans of one month only, and so a little different to your case. The recent Wirecard issues may have caused some problems with refunds.

YeS, I too am very concerned about refunds. A refund for about 40 pounds, also from Amazon, seems to be held up in the system by Wirecard and not credited to my Tymit account. I am not happy about this and will be reluctant to use my Tymit card for large purchases until this issue settles down.

I was wondering about refunds too. I had one issued Monday and it finally came through this morning, but took 4 days to appear.

Refunds can sometimes take a few days - I think it’s often more to do with the company refunding slowly rather than the card company being slow to credit your account. I have noticed this to be a theme over many years - when you are paying companies are quick to take your money, when they are refunding they drag their heels.

Rarely a problem with refunds. Where there have been issues it has usually been because I have used Curve and both were/are having problems following the Wirecard fiasco.